Kids in the Creek

The Clear Creek Student Restoration and Monitoring Project is a collaborative service-learning project that teaches and provides educational experiences about the Upper Clear Creek watershed in Shasta County, California. This project is located on French Gulch Creek near the town of French Gulch  and aims to assist students from three local schools with studying, restoring, and monitoring riparian habitat severely burned during the August 2004 French Fire.

Friday, April 28, 2006

My Experience by ccs Patrick

My Experience At French Gulch

The first day i came to French gulch i felt a little lost we were chopping down lots of plants which at that time didn't know were bad for the environment so in my head i was thinking why are we doing all this stuff. By the next week i knew that those were non- native plants but then we started catching bugs in the water and putting out track plates which i didn't understand one of my friends explained that track plates are to see what animals we have in this region. And the next week i met a man named Chris who was a great part of the French gulch restoration hes the one brought the plants, clippers, and shovels. He then explained the reason for kick netting the bugs it was a measure of the waters health. Then we started planting i wasn't having much fun at French gulch yet then one day a friend of mine got hurt and we walked up the hill and planted a plant up the i looked back wards and i saw the entire restoration site i was amaze i felt as if i was on top of the world i realized how beautiful all of French gulch was. I got really involved the next week i wrote poetry i drew pictures i planted new stuff and kept having fun with French gulch. I realized that if this site is already beautiful without all the growing imagine what it would be like with trees and plants and animal so in ten years i plan to return to the top of French gulch and look at the beautiful view that i helped create.