Kids in the Creek

The Clear Creek Student Restoration and Monitoring Project is a collaborative service-learning project that teaches and provides educational experiences about the Upper Clear Creek watershed in Shasta County, California. This project is located on French Gulch Creek near the town of French Gulch  and aims to assist students from three local schools with studying, restoring, and monitoring riparian habitat severely burned during the August 2004 French Fire.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Restoring French Gulch by ccs Kelsy

Hi this is Kelsy. This past year my school and a few others have been trying to restore french gulch. It was damaged in the summer of 2004 in a terrible fire that killed almost all of the animal and plant population. We have been planting plants, pulling weeds, and keeping track of the animal life coming back. Plus we have been testing the pH, phosphate, nitrate, nitrite and turbidity in the water in the same spot for at least once or twice a month. In the past few months after the great rain fall we have seen an immense amount of animal and plant life coming back. It will take many more years to come to restore it completely back to it's old self but in the mean time there will be schools out there to help it out on it's way. Well we are out there we also have a good time we go on hikes to get the plants farther up the mountain. While we are up there we are able to enjoy the many sights. We even write poetry some times here's an example:

The sound of water hitting rocks at full force,

The most amazing sound,

The sound of plants growing,

The sound of animals coming,

The sound of trees falling,

The sound of people laughing,

The sound of cars moving over gravel,

The sound of birds singing,

This is my life,

I don't want to see it change,

Help the environment,

The environment will help you.

I am sorry to say that this is it but I may be back in a bit!!!!!!!!!!!