Kids in the Creek

The Clear Creek Student Restoration and Monitoring Project is a collaborative service-learning project that teaches and provides educational experiences about the Upper Clear Creek watershed in Shasta County, California. This project is located on French Gulch Creek near the town of French Gulch  and aims to assist students from three local schools with studying, restoring, and monitoring riparian habitat severely burned during the August 2004 French Fire.

Friday, May 26, 2006

hello all... my name is Izzy and im from Nawa. I have been asked to post the results from our water monitoring data over the last few months. The test we performed on the water were nitrate, phosphate, ph, tempurature, turbidity, and disolved oxogen. these are our results;

date, temp(t), ph, turbidity(tur), disolved oxygen(do), nitrate(n), phosphates(p)

10/21/05, t=12.2, ph= 8.26, tur=2.59, do=97.8% 10.24mg/L, n=0.0 p=n/a
2/7/06, t=10.7, ph=8.38, tur=22.7, do=106.8% 11.98mg/L, n=0.3 p=25mg/L
2/14/06, t=10.0, ph=8.05, tur=6.5, do=87% 9.6mg/L, n=0.15, p=50mg/L
2/21/06, t=8.4, ph=8.12, tur=3.7, do=104% 12.35mg/L, n-n/a, p=10mg/L
3/1/06, t=8.4, ph=8.17, tur=1.3, do=101.37% 11.62mg/L, n=.5, p=20mg/L
3/7/06, t=9.2, ph=8.8, tur=23.3, do=103% 11.46mg/L, n=.5, p=25mg/L
3/14/06, t=7.4, ph=8.11, tur=14, do=105.5% 12.4mg/L, n=0, p=10mg/L
3/21/06, t=9.2, ph=8.22, tur=10.4, do=102.6% 11.84mg/L, n=.3, p=25mg/L
3/27/06, t=9, ph=8.11, tur=15.9, do=134.7% 17.55mg/L, n=.5mg/L, p=10mg/L
4/3/06, t= 9.6, ph= 8.15, tur=41.4, do=96.8% 10.83mg/L, n=.15, p=25mg/L
4/19/06, t=10.8, ph=8.21, tur=50.6, do=105% 12.15mg/L, n=.3, p=25mg/L
4/27/06, t=13, ph=6.3, tur=15.8, do=112%, n=.5, p=100mg/L
5/1/06, t=13.6, ph=8.45, tur=11.9, do=101% 10.26mg/L n=n/a, p =100mg/L
5/8/06, t=14.9, ph=3.18, tur=6.1, do=91% 9.1mg/L, n=0, p=100mg