Kids in the Creek

The Clear Creek Student Restoration and Monitoring Project is a collaborative service-learning project that teaches and provides educational experiences about the Upper Clear Creek watershed in Shasta County, California. This project is located on French Gulch Creek near the town of French Gulch  and aims to assist students from three local schools with studying, restoring, and monitoring riparian habitat severely burned during the August 2004 French Fire.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Our Watershed by FGWS Kaitlyn

French Gulch was destroyed by the 2004 fire known as the French Fire. Our mission is to restore what the fire took out.
What we do is we catch series of insects to what aquatic invertebrate live in our water. We also plant native plants. Last, but not least, we take out the non-native plants. Thank you for reading about our watershed. Come volunteer today to help French Gulch and other schools rebuild our community watershed.