Kids in the Creek

The Clear Creek Student Restoration and Monitoring Project is a collaborative service-learning project that teaches and provides educational experiences about the Upper Clear Creek watershed in Shasta County, California. This project is located on French Gulch Creek near the town of French Gulch  and aims to assist students from three local schools with studying, restoring, and monitoring riparian habitat severely burned during the August 2004 French Fire.

Friday, May 26, 2006

OUR WATERSHED by Natalie (6th Grade)

One beautiful sunny afternoon, my class went to our watershed. Mr.Heims, my teacher, was giving us some things to write like a poem, story, and more. I was sitting on a log with my friends. The wind was blowing in my face and through the trees. Mr.Heims called us all over to tell us about poison oak, because a shovel was in it. Then we went back to what we were doing. After we were done, we went back to school, but before we went back to school, the kids went in the creek because it was hot out.
Last Friday my class went to our watershed to see how it was doing. It looks a lot better now compared to after the fire had come and destroyed it. Since the fire, our watershed looks like there was no fire. Other schools came to help make the watershed perfect once again. NAWA, Chrysalis, and French Gulch came to the watershed to make it beautiful with trees, flowers, and other things. Animals came back to the watershed because of our help.